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On Sept. 20, Emma Watson announced the UN’s HeForShe campaign asking men to pledge their support for equality for women and girls

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Rayona Sharpnack

Sadly, Tech-Intensive Usually Means Woman-Deficient

Tech-intensive companies are famous for their scarcity of women, whether in technical jobs or in management. They generally explain this by saying there are simply not enough women graduating in STEM for them to have a good enough selection to choose from. And yes, we do need to encourage more girls and young women to go into the STEM fields, but…..

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OCT 23, 2014: Out of Your Head – and Into Your Power, a one-day program for women and men on how to use both your mind and body to get past the unconscious limitations that have kept you from coming into your power as a person and a leader.  With longtime IWL leaders Debbie King and Denise Benson.  More information and to register

JAN 27-29, 2015:  Women Leading Change, our flagship open-enrollment program for women, led by our CEO and founder Rayona Sharpnack. More information and to register

MAR 2-5 and MAY 2-4, 2015:  Executives Leading Sustainable Change, for senior executive women who want to create extraordinary, sustainable leadership success. Led by our CEO and founder Rayona SharpnackMore information and to register

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