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Gender Partnership logo SHORT version-resizedHarnessing the Power of Gender Partnership

We can show you how to use Gender Partnership to achieve increased financial success and productivity gains as well as dramatic improvements in talent retention, creativity and problem-solving.

Gender Partnership means getting the most out of every one of your team. It means men and women listening to each others’ ideas, learning from each other, and leveraging each other’s special skills and talents — no more miscommunication or hidden bias. We can help you achieve this kind of success in several ways:

“There has never been a more pivotal moment for cracking the code of Gender Partnership.”

— Rayona Sharpnack

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Meet the Winners of the Guys Who Get It Awards!

Three cheers (or more!) for these are male C-level executives who are successfully establishing gender equality as a cultural norm in their workplaces. Their teams demonstrate that Gender Partnership™ at work is not only possible, but is already getting impressive results. Read more about the winners, learn how to find out about their best practices, then sign up to join us Jan. 26 at our gala luncheon and shake hands with some really great guys.
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Intelligent, impassioned, thought-provoking, inspiring, down to earth. Those are just a few of the words audiences use to describe Rayona Sharpnack’s keynote talks.

  • “If the problems ubiquitous to the human condition have at their roots a need for more communication, collaboration and relationship, why aren’t we utilizing the gifts and skills of more women leaders?”
  • “For decades and decades, women were meeting with women to talk about women. Now what we need is men and women together talking about Gender Partnership. That’s a huge paradigm shift.”
  • “Men of quality are never threatened by women’s equality. They are our allies. In fact, men have a high justice quotient. They want things to be fair.”

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR for the Guys Who Get It Awards at the Grand Hyatt in San Francisco on Thursday, January 26, 2017,  11 a.m. to 2 p.m.  There are some amazing men out there who have 35% women on their top leadership teams and have made gender equality a cultural norm in their organizations. Join us to discover these top execs’ best practices, network with them, and celebrate what they’ve achieved for women at our first annual Guys Who Get It Awards.

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