Into Your Power


May what I do flow 
from me like a river,
no forcing
and no holding back.

–Rainer Maria Rilke

I am delighted to announce a new IWL program that will teach you how to use both your mind and your body to get past the unconscious limitations that have kept you from coming into your power as a person and a leader.

Out of Your Head — and Into Your Power is a one-day workshop, scheduled for Oct. 23 in Redwood City, CA (just south of San Francisco) that brings together the breakthrough techniques of Leading by Context™ and the powerful practice of Somatics.

Just as Leading by Context™ focuses on the unconscious mindset from which your mind operates, somatics works with the unconscious “mindset” from which your body operates. Together, these two practices will give you a straightforward solution you can use immediately to get beyond the internal blocks that stand in the way of achieving your most-desired goals and growing your impact as a leader.

Denise Benson

Denise Benson


Debbie King

Debbie King

Out of Your Head and Into Your Power is designed for anyone who needs to accomplish through others and be an effective and compelling leader.  It will be led by two of my most energetic, inspiring, and brilliant colleagues, Debbie King and Denise Benson.

Debbie will focus on Leading by Context™, which teaches us that being an extraordinary leader is more about who you are and how well you harness the resources within your environment than what you do.  Your context is the foundation of your business decisions and actions.

Denise will lead the group in an exploration of the other aspects of the self, which is your primary source of power as a leader.  Who you are as a person ultimately becomes the deciding factor in your success as an exemplary leader.  Intelligence and specific technical skills matter, but alone they do not make a compelling and effective leader.  The practice of somatics develops potent leadership through connection to purpose, self-reflection, and ongoing practice.

Out of Your Head flyer

I have seen so much growth, freedom, and personal progress come out of combining these two practices, I am making this commitment to everyone who attends:

I promise that you will leave this course with practices that will produce unprecedented and sustainable results in both your professional and personal life.