The video I’m going to show you is not about business, or leadership, or advancing women in the workplace. It’s about love. But it’s also about diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias, which most certainly impact how well we function at work.

The “Love Has No Labels” public-service ad campaign aims to shake people up a little and help them realize that everyone makes snap judgments about other people, even if they aren’t aware of doing so. The yearlong campaign, which extends online with stories and a quiz about bias, is designed to make people aware of their implicit biases, but to do so in a way that is touching, uplifting, and makes us smile.

“We felt it was very important to encourage people, all Americans, to examine their unconscious biases,” Ad Council president and CEO Lisa Sherman told Adweek. “As much progress as we’ve made as a country, we absolutely still have more work to do.”

As of today, the video has had 58 million viewers on YouTube and the Likes are outpacing the dislikes 14:1.

Enjoy the video, then check out the information, stories, and other tools at

I think you’ll find it a fitting way to celebrate the American way of freedom this weekend.