Robin Terrell, co-founder of GenderAllies

Robin Terrell, co-founder

of GenderAllies

Fast Company logoThere’s nothing I love better than spreading the word about the success of friends and colleagues who are doing great work. The person I want to recognize today is Robin Terrell, one of my partners in GenderAllies, a collaborative of inclusion professionals who stand for women and men in full partnership in our organizations and communities.

Robin just had an excellent article published online in Fast Company magazine’s Strong Female Lead department.  It’s called “Why Gender-Conscious Discussions Are Imperative for the Future of Leadership.” It looks at the game change in leadership that our world is experiencing and why gender partnership is essential in these changing times.

Robin’s article opens by pointing out,  “The leaders of tomorrow are managing a world that demands a different portfolio of skills than those that led current CEOs to the top. Futurists and thought leaders are now challenging organizations to shift from the view of a linear future to a matrixed reality that demands different styles of leadership. Several trends have been identified that signal a game change, and gender is a significant factor in all of them.”

GenderAllies logoNow that I’ve tantalized you, go read the full piece.   And when you’re done, check out the GenderAllies website and see how we are engaging men to advance women in the workplace. It’s pretty darn exciting!