What do Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Nicaragua, Rwanda, Ireland, the Philippines, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Latvia, France, Burundi, South Africa, and Canada have in common?

They all scored higher than the United States in gender equality, according to a new report from The World Economic Forum. The U.S. came out #20, a slight improvement from last year when it was #23. Still….

The annual Global Gender Gap Report gives an equality score to 142 countries based on how equal men and women are in four categories: health, education, economic participation, and political empowerment.

Most of us have read reports like this before, and we probably focus on the concept of the “gap,” as used in the title of the report. I think we need to focus on the concept of “equality,” as in:  Those 19 countries are closer to achieving equality for its men and women than the U.S. But even #1 Iceland only earns a rating of 0.8594, where 1.0 is full equality and zero is no equality.

The fact is, in NO country in the world do women have equality with men. Still. In 2014.

We have a long way to go, ladies and gentlemen, so let’s keep at it.